Women Traveller Leather Bags

Product description

Stride to your destination with ease pulling this rolling laptop case behind you. The top zipper makes accessing your laptop a simple task, while an additional side compartment keeps accessories separated and organized. Available in black or red, this chic leather laptop case is the perfect solution to your mobile office necessities.

Product features

All measurements are approximate and can vary slightly as each bag is handmade from a natural material. Internal measurements are around about an inch smaller than the below listed measurements.

Bag Measurements (External)

Width8.5" (22cm)
Height8" (20cm)
Depth4.5" (11cm) at base
Approx. Weight0.78Kg
Recommended Weight of Contents1.75Kg

Strap Measurements

Strap Length54.5" (138cm)
Strap Width3/4" (1.9cm)