Pajama T shirt set


Pajamas can be worn by men, women and children of any age as they are popular amongst all age groups. However, men, women and children have different options and designs to select from. One of a popular type of pajama and tshirt set is a footed one which is a one-piece garment that cover a person from the head to the toe but usually worn in the all season.


Product Code: gm2pts001

Color: Purple

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GM Clothing pajama sets are classic & comfortable

Pajamas and tshirt set are classic and comfortable as they provide the modest coverage as well as comfort. Pajamas and tshirt set are available in a number of styles and you can get one to match your t-shirts, sleep-shirts, teddy sets, etc. They are loose fitting trousers that come in two pieces which include a t-shirt or a shirt. Pajamas are available in cottons, silks, satins, flannels, nylons, polyesters, etc. It may be of the classy draw string-style or may feature some elastics, buttons or hooks.

  • classic and comfortable
  • available in a number of styles
  • loose fitting trousers and tshirt
  • beutifully design
  • looking stylish
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