Body Suit


Body suit will conform your shape to a feminine hourglass shape, seamless rear coverage for a no panty line effect For an overall shaping, that is from your torso till your crotch, then bodysuit is a perfect piece of clothing for a svelte body shape. The best part you can wear it under any garment or can also use it as an outerwear!


Product Code: gm2bs001

Color: Black

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GM clothing Body suit is seamless and elegant

The  bodysuit shapewear is a seamless and elegant combination. Its comfort supportive satin slimming panels and full cup coverage allow for a perfect silhouette.looking sexy, seductive look. Full rear coverage with no slip, non-binding soft lacy edging adds comfort and appeal. Slim your figure you will be feeling amazed.

  • Smoother, slimmer silhouette
  • Reduced waistline, up to 2 inches instantly
  • Corrected, more confident posture
  • Promotes a classic hourglass figure
  • Boosts thermal activity
  • Gently lifts underbust
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